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Digital Business Portal

PwC's Digital Business Portal keeps individuals and corporates up to date on key regulatory changes through CPD validating videos and seminars created by practicing tax, legal and accounting professionals. This is the portal for those who value the potent combination of insights and tools as the key to doing truly valuable compliance work.

Entity Management System

PwC’s Entity Management System is a lightweight solution that provides you with effortless management on key aspects of tax and company secretarial matters, saving you time and boosting agility with enhanced corporate governance. From family offices, funds to large enterprises, you can now master your ever changing and growing map of entities.

Shui Jie

Shui Jie is an interactive tax information resource designed for professionals and corporations. Shareable across platforms, Shui Jie provides timely tax news, expert insights and access to an extensive hub of laws and regulations. With this wealth of resources at your fingertips, you are empowered to make informed decisions and deliver impact.

Connected Shield

Connected Shield is a cybersecurity solution that utilises your employees as an additional layer of security. It constantly monitors for signs of attack in progress on employee devices, i.e. laptops and desktops, and asks employees to validate suspicious activity by direct notification, accelerating threat identification so you can respond faster.

Smart Office

Transform into a dynamic and highly-efficient workspace with Smart Office solutions powered by PwC. Leverage facial recognition and IoT technologies to reduce costs and maximise value of office resources. Take control with workspace management, visitor management and meeting room reservations in one software on any device.

About us

PwC Hong Kong's Digital Store is the home of powerful digital tools. These tools couple with PwC's trusted professional services to provide you with the digital edge you need to evolve into the new era. Explore our digital products, business software, digital transformation solutions and managed services that are developed to suit your needs using PwC's thought leadership and industry knowledge.