PwC named a global leader in ESG sustainability

25 February 2022

According to the report titled Verdantix Research: Sustainability/ESG Business services Green Quadrant, “PwC has integrated, end-to-end ESG and sustainability consulting services. PwC has engaged with clients on sustainability and climate change for more than 20 years, with consulting on ESG and sustainability becoming a strategic priority for the PwC network in 2020. The services network has over 3,000 ESG and sustainability clients, with half of engagements from the Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) region and a significant presence displayed globally. PwC enhanced its ESG digital solutions and services available for client engagements through licensable products including ESG Pulse and other intellectual property as part of its delivery platform.”

According to Verdantix, “To provide analysis of the client’s investment portfolio with an ESG lens, PwC creates a bespoke ESG portfolio assessment review and an impact measurement framework. Additionally, PwC’s sustainable value creation approach can quantify ESG-linked value erosion or creation over time if the portfolio is maintained in its current state, helping to identify strategies capable of creating value through a sustainable transition.”

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