Whistleblower and Ethics Platform

PwC's Whistleblower and Ethics Platform, is a one-stop internal report acceptance and management SaaS solution, which allows and encourages employees to express their opinions fearlessly, and assists enterprises to handle various ethical reporting cases in an efficient, secure and compliant way.

How we can help

Unified, secure, and comprehensive tool

1) Provide a standardised and unified reporting channel to clients. 2) Strictly protect whistleblowers’ information. 3) Cover the entire reporting process.

Advantages of cloud deployment

1) Establish an internal reporting system in a cost-saving and efficient way. 2) Enable quick deployment with simple configuration. 3) Continuously reduce IT costs.

Compliance with local regulations

All data uploaded by users will be stored in China database, and access right to users outside Mainland China will be strictly restricted.

How to use Whistleblower and Ethics Platform

Whistleblower and Ethics Platform is a multilingual, cloud-based SaaS solution. It optimizes the interaction mechanism between whistleblowers and clients' ethics and compliance teams, and assists clients to establish internal reporting and feedback channels rapidly, efficiently and globally. 【Whistleblower】 Whenever you have doubts over ethics or compliance issues, you can submit your doubts through various devices and track the progress timely. 【Clients' Ethics and Compliance Team】 Ethics and Compliance Manager, investigator, and contact person will be asigned with clear roles and responsibilities. Together with an automatic process flow, the cases will be handled timely and effectively.

We are pleased to present a detailed video introducing the product's application scenarios, functionalities, and specific operations of Whistleblower and Ethics Platform. To watch the video, please click on the following link: https://www.pwccn.com/en/products/whistleblower-and-ethics-platform.html

Product features

Easy to use

1) Online communication with whistleblowers. 2) Support uploading multiple formats of files as report evidence. 3) Simple and straightforward user interface.


1) Fast login with no need for software installation. 2) 7x24h operations with low technical costs. 3) Tailored settings according to client needs.


1) Compliance with local regulations. 2) Access controls with 2-step verification. 3) Strict security measures and regular vulnerability checks.


1) Support multiple languages (Chinese/Japanese/English). 2) No limitation of location, device, or OS, etc. 3) PwC network and professional service support.

Use cases

Global group company
  • Support multiple language switching to address specific language needs.
  • Provide secure and confidential services and protects whistleblowers’ information.
  • The user interface, consultation desks and questionnaires can be tailored.
  • Can be accessed via multiple electronic devices, in other words, it can be accessed via a browser on any device.
  • The database is deployed in Mainland China, complying with local data protection regulations.
  • PwC provides professional corporate and internal control recommendations to establish a comprehensive and effective risk management mechanism for the client.
Domestic company
  • Provide secure and confidential services, and protect whistleblowers’ information.
  • A SaaS solution, cost-saving, no need for software installation and can go-live quickly.
  • Easy-to-use and allow whistleblowers to submit a report at anytime and from anywhere.
  • Consultation desks and questionnaires can be tailored.

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