Smart at Work

This all-in-one collaborative work management solution puts your entire operation at your fingertips with ease. Increase your productivity, streamline your processes, and gain more control over the rapid digital arena.

How we can help

All-in-one suite

Project, team, and document management at the fingertips, anywhere. Take control and increase productivity with synchronised workflows that suit the business

Collaborate in context

Work seamlessly across teams and work levels with real-time information readied for sharing and discussion through a single platform

Easy to adopt and understand

Short adoption times and shallow learning curves save costs and ensures that the entire team can reap the benefits faster

How Smart at Work works

An all-rounded business management solution for flexible work management, business insights and more. By managing projects, documents, people talents, and business operations within the same system, Smart at Work promotes collaboration, boosts productivity, ensures compliance, and streamlines processes.

Product features

Collaborative work management

Keep your team synchronised and your tasks tracked with our easy-to use business management tools. Be transparent with less effort for a more cohesive team.

Visualise data for insights

Stay informed on the whole operation by using the interactive dashboard. Review your business performance with our real-time analytical results to quickly identify and respond to needs as they arise.

Cumulate organisational process assets value

Create value for the organisation's assets, including people and knowledge, with improved transparency and more effective management.

Management on the move

Stay connected to your daily work and keep task oriented with access to all available productivity tools from the phone.

Product Modules

How to collaborate on projects

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How it works

Use our industrial template to manage projects with PwC best practices. Get everything your team needs to complete tasks and track project objectives in one place, including: - Project statistics report - Project industrial template - Agile/ waterfall project management (Kanban, List, Gantt) - Project documents - Approval workflow - Project conversations - Access right control - Project export (xlsx, pdf, png, xml)

How to share knowledge in documents

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How to oversee business performance

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How to manage people resources

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How to communicate effectively

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How to find information

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How to control access right to my data

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How to perform system setting

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Use cases

  • Real-time visibility on projects timelines, tasks, and milestones to keep stakeholder constantly aligned.
  • Centralised document repository with easily managed access to controls, tagging, and in-text search capabilities.
  • Updates can be shared easily with global teams through the communication platform.
IT Projects
  • Manage, track, and share IT tasks easily with an ecosystem with matter management features of task assignee, checklists, due dates, documents, messages, dependencies and more.
  • Apply to both waterfall and agile projects, you can track and update project progress in Gantt charts, Kanban, or list views.
  • Team members, stakeholders and project sponsors can communicate at any point within the entire project life cycle for closer collaboration.
Human resources
  • Automate onboarding processes by assigning tasks to new joiners. Manage documents and their action items through defined workflow.
  • Get staff up-to-speed and allow engagement through talent profile and work experience sharing. Track performance by rating and feedback easily.
  • Action status, updates and statistics reports are all available in dashboard.

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