Reimagine CRM

Reimagine CRM is a one-stop end-to-end customer relationship management (CRM) integrated solution. It helps enterprises accelerate their digital transformation journey through the effective digital platform and successful operation mode that have been proven by the evolving market.

How We Can Help

Salesman: Empower front-line marketing

1) Member recruitment; 2) Smart marketing with customised services; 3) One-on-one member care; 4) Pocket performance report; 5) Sales incentive; 6) Mobile learning platform

Brand: Private traffic management

1) Omnichannel CRM; 2) Automated marketing; 3) AI recommendation engine; 4) Member 360 view; 5) Life cycle management; 6) Smart report

Consumers: 24-hour membership service

1) Sign up; 2) Inquiry and redemption of points; 3) Appointment and registration; 4) Brand dynamics; 5) Marketing campaign promotion; 6) Member shop

How Reimagine CRM Works

Reimagine CRM solution helps enterprises enhance their digital capabilities by focusing on the loyalty of members, business partners and employees to diversify marketing touchpoints, systematise strategy, and make channels more accurate based on years of insights and experience gained in the consumer goods and retail industry. Reimagine CRM solution covers advisory services, tailor-made design, custom software development and managed services to achieve sustainable business growth.

Product features

Support On-Premise and SaaS model

On-Premise and SaaS model can be offered according to enterprise policies. The Micro-service architecture enables faster and more efficient deployment.

Integrated solution platform

A one-stop solution built on the CRM platform, covering Customer Data Platform and Marketing Automation tools. The API can also link a wide range of IT apps.

Regular improvements and updates

Provide brands with a sustainable one-stop solution for customer loyalty involving at least two major functional releases annually and quarterly updates.

Product modules

Member Portal

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How Member Portal works

Maintain the activity of each brand's private users Create a personalised brand member space with practical and engaging interaction. Give access to brand care with helpful information and craft a pleasurable experience for members.

CRM Operation Platform

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