ESG Reporting Tool

Generate ESG reports and insights faster and smarter, so you and your stakeholders can spend more time creating sustainable value for your organisation.

How We Can Help

Save Time: Streamline ESG Data Management

Reduce the resource burden of ESG data management using our centralised data platform: simplify and centralise data collection and output key metrics.

Share ESG Insights with Stakeholders

Visualise data trends in an interactive ESG dashboard, tracking KPIs tailored to your business: enabling transparent, informed conversations with stakeholders.

Disclose ESG Data with Confidence

Automated HKEX compliant ESG Report Generation, with step-by-step sections to guide you through required disclosures and a full audit trail for verification.

How It Works

Listed companies are required to report ESG data, but this is typically a highly manual, time-consuming, complex process involving collecting data from a wide range of sources. The ESG Reporting Tool is designed to make this easier, faster and raise the quality of reporting. This centralised platform allows you to gather quantitative and qualitative inputs in one place with multi-user access. The tool converts your raw data into required disclosure metrics and generates a tailored ESG report for your organisation compliant with Hong Kong Listing Rules. The insights dashboard helps you and stakeholders understand what your ESG data is telling you so you can focus on your sustainability needs.

Product features

Centralised Data Collection

Manage quantitative and qualitative data in one centralised, transparent platform, with multi-user access rights and simultaneous editing capability.

Automated Data Analysis

Generate disclosure metrics using latest conversion factors, multiple methods and units of measure, and international sources as the base of data conversion.

Data Insights Dashboard

See what's happening: visualise key ESG trends so you can engage your stakeholders in meaningful conversations about what your ESG data is telling you.

One-click ESG Report Generation

Instantly output your report ready to share, compliant with HKEX Appendix 27. Full audit trail available for verification.

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