Air Trace

The fragmentation of data across supply chain pathways hinders brand and product trust among businesses, consumers, and communities. As brands face growing demands for transparency and accountability, Air Trace tracks supply chain data in a trusted way and provides greater transparency for business partners and societal stakeholders.

How We Can Help

Real-Time and Data Transparency

Track and integrate data across upstream and downstream processes in real-time to form a single source of trusted information

Brand Equity

Reinforce brand positioning through tangible illustration of product source and quality

Sustainable Supply Chain

Demonstrate product authenticity, value and safety for consumers who value trust and are willing to pay a premium for it

How it Works

PwC’s Air Trace integrates supply chain data within a trusted blockchain ecosystem. Data is integrated from multiple sources to provide greater granularity in product traceability, with flexibility to accommodate existing business practices. Brands, businesses and consumers gain transparency over product origin and movements with confidence in the shared data.

With low-code capabilities, Air Trace could be customised to unique supply chains with 10 times the speed. The platform connects with IoT devices, such as sensors and RFID tags, to enable real-time data tracking on blockchain for traceability with auditability and immutability.

Product features

Upstream and Downstream Traceability

Offers flexible integration with existing systems to capture all actions, owners, and status updates pertaining to upstream and downstream assets

Blockchain Encryption for Data Integrity

Enhance data encryption with the protection of the blockchain which cannot be amended

Compliant and Quality Control

Generate documents easily for regulatory reporting and dashboard for items that might require attention to ensure compliance

Configuration and Localisation

Adds information related to the supply chain to populate data with relevant information

Use cases

Food Retail Company

Enhance Food Safety Trust Enhance food safety and quality management, effectively prevent counterfeit and inferior products, and help build corporate social responsibility

Enhance Brand Value Maintain the brand reputation of companies and suppliers while creating brand value and product competitiveness in the market

Logistic Company

Improve Logistics Control and Capacity Enterprises can manage, share, and analyse data more conveniently through the platform. It also improves logistics capacity, efficiency, and reduces transportation risks

Effective Management of Carbon Assets Achieve open and transparent processes for carbon emission, reduction, clearing and settlement, supervision, and auditing

Pharmaceutical Company

Reduce the Risk of Cold Chain Transportation Real-time query of the available cold chain status data can effectively monitor the status of logistics, temperature control, etc., for early detection of problems and risk management

Collaboration and Trust Real-time traceability can help enhance trust-based relationships with medical suppliers and partners

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