Ethical Hack Bot

Ethical Hack Bot is an integrated platform using robotics technology and approach to automate and strengthen your threat and vulnerability management process. Ethical Hack Bot helps you detect security vulnerabilities early, prevent cyber attacks and identify immediate solutions for your organisation.

How we can help

Significant savings on operational cost

Increase efficiency with fully automatic scanning and reduce operational costs associated with manually following up on remediation status

Speeds up vulnerability assessment

Quickly detect common threats across applications and assess vulnerability, then take step towards remediation plan

Prioritise tasks

Prioritise organisation’s cybersecurity risks to highlight those requiring greatest attention and helps to support better allocation of defence resources

How it works

Ethical Hack Bot streamlines the vulnerability assessment works and standardise the vulnerability management processes including asset management, issues assignment, reporting and remediation to prevent human error or human delay. This will help save project time and costs.

It can provide a real-time dashboard to management and drive actions or prioritise for the most critical issues.

Putting cybersecurity and protecting data privacy at the forefront of your business strategy - and backing it with proven security tactics - can help address consumer concerns and cement their loyalty.

Product features

Asset Management

Ethical Hack Bot helps you discover and manage your assets in the same way as a configurable management database

Automatic scanning

You can perform security health checks on your critical systems regularly and automatically scan to identify and prioritise potential vulnerabilities

Real-time reporting and remediation plan

Our product keeps tracks of all remediation status of outstanding issues in real-time

Seamless workflow and notification

The bot acts as a project manager to make sure all issues are handled consistently and timely

Use cases

Multinational FMCG Companies

Our FMCG client's challenge was that vulnerabilities were found but no one followed up on those issues. Hackers were exploiting these vulnerabilities to leak sensitive data, disrupt operations, or damage the company's reputation. Ethical Hack Bot uses robotics to automate the threat and vulnerability handling:

  • Holistic vulnerability results including OS layers and application layers of a system are consolidated and presented in one dashboard
  • Security health check processes follow workflows and automatic notifications. Every issue is being tracked and everyone knows the current condition
  • The Ethical Hack Bot platform reports automatically, as a result, our client’s security team can now focus most of their time on addressing/fixing the real problems
A global hotel group with over 100 hotels worldwide

Our client engaged PwC to identify vulnerabilities in endpoints across over 100 hotels worldwide. In the past, it would require numerous manual effort and time to deploy scanners to each of these hotels as they are all decentralised and no network connections between hotels.

With the help of Hackbot, it allows client to easily schedule scan requests across multiple countries and consolidate all these identified vulnerabilities in a single platform. The reporting dashboard also drives responsible parties' actions to speed up the remediation timeline.

Using Hackbot can greatly reduce the time required for logistics, communication and performing the scans while providing a higher level of quality service.

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