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PwC’s DSAI is an innovative product that seamlessly connects the full process of fundraising, investment, management, and withdrawing funds, while catering to the entire lifecycle management of pre-investment and post-investment projects, enabling comprehensive professional service support.

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Focused on user experience, the DSAI system addresses management needs and emphasises user benefits to achieve an efficient workflow process.

Multi-dimensional data analysis

The system has built-in APIs for multi-source external data, automatically analysing multi-dimensional data from commerce, regulatory affairs and public opinion.

Rich data visualisation dashboards

The dashboard integrates multiple data sources to provide a macro-operational view, presenting market trends and risk indicators in dynamic charts and displays.

How DSAI Works

Enabling private equity investment institutions to achieve full digitalisation

The DSAI digital platform is primarily aimed at investment clients such as private equity funds, guiding funds, parent funds, and corporate venture capital. PwC is committed to converting extensive knowledge and experience to provide effective digital solutions that support investment management. The platform seamlessly connects the entire process of fundraising, investment, management, and withdrawing funds, helping users overcome obstacles and bottlenecks typically encountered with traditional investment management software. Through features such as a user-friendly workstation, convenient mobile functions, automatic analysis of external data, intelligent BI and report analysis, the platform enables comprehensive advances in intelligent digital management.

Product features

Compatible with existing system architecture

1) Maintain compatibility and scalability with existing business systems. 2) Provide product expansion and development to fit mid to long-term planning. 3) Implement micro front-end architecture to achieve true system modularisation.

Continuously upgrade standard product modules

1) Combine the best international practices with local implementation. 2) Continuously upgrade the core module to meet transformation and upgrade demands. 3) Enhance users' demand for convenient investment management and professional consulting services.

Personalised workflow and user experience

1) Support flexible configuration of approval workflow and other processes, or replacement of UI style and color scheme. 2) Enables form, report, and dashboard customisation. 3) Optimise the user experience based on client needs.

One-stop software + professional services

1) Offer one-stop value-added services from other PwC digital products. 2) Form a closed-loop of online standardised plug-in modules and offline exclusive consulting services. 3) Provide industry insights, M&A market trends, and data resources.

Product modules

Entire investment management process

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How Entire Process works

Fundraising: Diversified Financing Management - Investors: fundraising progress management, investor reports, investor portal, investment budget management. - Structured drill-down display: start with a dashboard as the entrance through the cockpit to display detailed financing information and financing structure in a hierarchical manner. - Penetrating investment return calculation: bottom-up penetration calculation of underlying asset returns, or top-down calculation of top investment subjects' returns. Investment: Project information enrichment, and interactive visualisation - Display the current phase of the project, investment information, invested enterprise information and related data. - Interactive visual data display: start with a dashboard as the entrance through the cockpit to display detailed project information with a drill-down approach. Management: Operational Data Visualisation Operation and management data visualisation, strategic objectives and tactics implementation, risk and public opinion management. - Real-time updates of invested enterprise operation and management data access. - Multidimensional visualisation of strategic objectives and tactics implementation. - Completion status of strategic objectives. - Horizontal comparison of post-investment management of each holding company. - Risk and public opinion management. Withdraw: Multi-dimensional investment return display - Display of investment returns from a range of dimensions including funds, investors, and parent funds. - Top-down breakthrough calculation of underlying asset returns, or bottom-up calculation of top investment entity returns.

Full lifecycle of an investment project

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BI (Business Intelligence) Intelligent Dashboard

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Profit Distribution Trial Calculation

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Mobile Office

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AI intelligent assistant

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Use cases

A Large State-owned Company

The client is a state-owned investment management company with professional private equity expertise. They aim to deepen the application of their existing system, while establishing a new system that meets the requirements of handling a 100 billion fund management scale. We're assisting the client to:

  • Better grasp the clear and fixed requirements of the investment business process.
  • Improve efficiency in post-investment management actions and record and share post-investment management experience.
  • Secure overall connectivity between pre-investment, post-investment data and fund operation.
  • Provide support for core business functions such as research projects and regional management.
  • Create an online interactive work platform.
  • Establish a visual data application platform.
A Large State-Owned Capital Management Co., Ltd.

We're assisting the client to establish an investment lifecycle closed-loop management system that meets regulatory requirements and standardises business operations, including

  • Creating a daily business operation platform to support and enhance work efficiency.
  • Improving system usage efficiency to meet internal and external needs with different functions and roles.
  • Establishing a centralised management platform for business information and data management to strengthen the auxiliary support for investment decisions.
  • Pursuing full activation of investment business, financial data, capital flow data, and human resources data and related data sources, to carry out informed investment decisions.
A Large Automotive Group

The client is a large automotive group with business extending nationwide in addition to numerous overseas businesses. We have assisted the client to

  • Establish a one-stop equity investment management system, integrate their existing business system, and successfully implement their equity investment process and business control.
  • Manage multi-dimensional equity structure hierarchy, to secure more advanced and intelligent investment management.
  • Work with the client to arrange different types of investment indicators, establishing a KPI operation and a risk monitoring system that penetrates underlying assets.
  • Build data dashboards, operational analysis, and risk monitoring display. The client has been able to track invested assets more effectively, comprehensively, and in real-time.

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