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Business Scenario

BEPS 2.0 Pillar 2 Modelling helps those across the tax function adapt to the new BEPS 2.0 Pillar that was released by The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD).

Our modelling tool performs complex calculations to help scenario model your actions to handle the new minimum tax rate and compliance burdens by drawing from different data sources. By visualising it you'll be able to gain new insights and convince your stakeholders of your proposal.

Business Challenges

Pillar 2 rules are complicated

The complexity of the rules makes manual calculations time-intensive and increases the chances of human error.

Extensive data requirements

Gathering all the required data for a P2 assessment is challenging. Our tool can use detailed data, or alternatively can use CbCR data, which is much easier to obtain, to generate a high-level impact assessment.

Complex calculations can conceal issues

Pillar 2 data and calculations are dry and inhibit intuitive comprehension of significant trends. Adding scenario modelling and visualisation can improve your ability to derive influential insights and identify underlying issues.

How we can help

Engage PwC to help you react to the proposed changes brought about by Pillar 2. We will use our modelling tool to calculate potential exposure, assess your situation and help you adapt appropriately.

With our BEPS 2.0 Pillar 2 modelling, we can visualise initial results and perform scenario analysis. By finding new insights, identifying, and prioritising issues, we can help you build a comprehensive roadmap for the future.

Key Features

Flexible modelling Get a visualised overview of the scenario in just a few hours by utilising CbCR data together with our model. Our solution can also accommodate detailed data to generate more accurate estimates that drive greater insight.

Real-time scenario adjustments Re-render your scenario analysis in real-time to facilitate discussion and brainstorming. Adjust your model to find your preferred plan and display the results live for immediate evaluation.

Holistic to granular views on the GloBE Dashboard Our modelling zooms out for a holistic appraisal, so you prioritise the jurisdictions that need your immediate focus before you zoom in to a granular view for detailed analysis. Consequently, we ensure you can get on top of the most significant risks and opportunities.

Business Benefits

Teaching through practice Allow your team to learn the Pillar 2 rules through practice with real-time modelling. Eventually introducing training to assess impacts, calculate potential exposure, identify risk issues, and evaluate data challenges in the organisation with greater accuracy.

Planning and risk mitigation Identify and prioritise planning opportunities and mitigation strategies to reduce potential impacts.

Reduce resource drain and minimise errors Save time, reduce errors and enable forecasting by automating calculations and modelling.

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