R&D incentive

A tax-driven platform that maximises your R&D tax savings by managing and automating all your R&D activities from a tax perspective in the evolving new digital era. With insights from the management dashboard, your organisation will experience increased business value and enhanced operational effectiveness.

How we can help

Maximise tax savings

Combining our tax and tech expertise to ensure your organisation maximises tax benefits from High and New Technology Enterprise and super deduction incentives

Enhance R&D management

Monitor and track all your R&D activities through an easy to use dashboard for better management

Discover R&D insights

Help you make informed strategic decisions with R&D insights from business intelligence, analytics and trends

Product features

Automated R&D process

Using high-performing and agile technology to automate the identification and calculation of relevant expenses across different R&D projects for tax reporting

Smart R&D expense categorisation

Flexible and powerful R&D expense categorisation based on multidimensional data sources

Cross-department collaboration

Automatically generate R&D working papers for optimal tax incentive claims and facilitate cross-department collaboration and approval

R&D analytics

Analytics and visualisations on key R&D activities for better oversight

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