Smart Office

Transform into a dynamic and highly efficient workspace with Smart Office solutions powered by PwC. Leverage facial recognition and IoT technologies to reduce costs and maximise value of office resources. Take control with workspace management, visitor management and meeting room reservations in one software on any device.

How we can help

Significant cost saving

Save up to 56% on office rent, renovation, or management fees

Efficient workspace management

Increase workspace management efficiency by ten-fold

Flexible working solution

Enable meeting room reservation, hot-desking and visitor check-ins from any mobile device through a user-friendly interface

How Smart Office Works

Smart Office links up IoT devices in organisations and turns the office into a digitalised workspace. From the comfort of any smart device and PC, employees can book, use any facility, or manage any room setups through interacting with the IoT capable devices on-premise, or remotely.

Product features

Centralised control and real-time reports

Get insight into your smart workspace and occupancy trends from robust data analytics, real-time reporting and interactive dashboards

IoT integration

Leverage data from IoT connected devices to inform and personalize experiences thus increasing employee satisfaction

Smart meeting room reservation

Schedule a meeting, reserve a conference room and invite attendees in one powerful smart booking mobile app, anytime, anywhere

Visitor management and virtual reception

Increase efficiency using a centralised receptionist pool and facial technology for visitor management, for multiple premises


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