HK Profits Tax

Digitise your HK profits tax compliance work by streamlining your process from preparation to reporting. With dynamic working papers ,automation of tax adjustments, trends and analytics, filing for HK profits tax is now more efficient and transparent for your organisation.

How we can help

Time savings

Reduce time spent from preparation to review with the automatic generation of schedules, determination of tax treatments and reconciliation to financial data

Process standardisation

Standardise your reporting with our built-in tax computation templates designed by our tax experts, suitable for all industries

Tax risk mitigation

High-level review of your compliance process by relevant subject matter experts to help reduce your tax risks

Product features

Automated profits tax computation

Generate schedules with intelligent tax treatments based on trial balance and GL data to swiftly prepare the profits tax return

Smart fixed assets register

AI-driven categorisation of fixed assets additions to the appropriate tax pooling category for quick and accurate calculation of the tax adjustments

Intelligent tax risk alerts

Automated risk alerts to manage high-risk items, with suggested follow-up actions, and real-time visualised analytics and trends for better tax planning

Ease of review

Centralised review notes summary documenting all potential issues and validation errors conveniently for immediate action

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