Emissions Tracker

Streamline and automate the tracking, reporting and management of greenhouse gas emissions

How We Can Help

Leverage Global Frameworks

Ensure data quality and transparency in your reporting by using a tool built on Greenhouse Gas protocol, global standardised frameworks and covering scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions.

Share Emissions Insights with Stakeholders

Take stakeholder engagement to the next level with our insights dashboard that will help you to visualise data trends and have transparent, informed conversations.

Keep Your Data Secure

By using our tool know you are following strict data management practices to safely store and secure your data with an available audit trail.

How It Works

The importance of controlling greenhouse gas emissions is increasing: China is formulating an action plan for peaking carbon dioxide emissions before 2030 and companies are facing increasing demands by investors, regulators and policy makers to report their carbon footprint. To meet these needs, it is important for companies to have the right framework, real time data tracking and accurate calculation methodologies. Built on PwC’s years of experience collecting, analysing, and reporting carbon footprints, Emissions Tracker helps companies to aggregate, analyse and report their carbon data. This allows you to monitor and manage your emission reduction and net zero initiatives.

Product features

Centralised Data Collection

Manage quantitative and qualitative data in one centralised, transparent platform, with multi-user access rights and simultaneous editing capability.

Automated Data Processing for Business Needs

Import CSV, Excel and PNG files, link data collection to ERP and other systems. Tailor data dimensions, calculation methodologies, reporting standards, KPIs.

Interactive Insights Dashboard

View all your emissions data in once place, visualise trends and draw insights to help you manage your emissions reduction and net zero strategies.

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