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Business Scenario

Supporting the government's low-carbon emission policy, smart logistics is a key theme to sustaining success of the logistic industry in the future. Logistics companies need to include environmental and sustainable development factors into their business strategies by using new technology to enhance carbon emissions transparency, improve logistics operation efficiency, and reduce business risks. PwC's smart logistics solution uses smart technology to help logistics companies complete their digital operational transformation journey and promote sustainability.

Business Challenges

Difficult to get Carbon Footprint

Logistic companies consume tremendous resources and have been major carbon emitters across the whole chain, making it hard to pinpoint the carbon footprint from each stage.

Logistics Control Needs to be Strengthened

Maintenance data from freight vehicles used to evaluate security risks can be difficult to obtain, store, and analyse.

Financing Difficulties

Micro, small, and medium sized enterprises often have difficulty in obtaining financing. They face higher costs and slow financing due to lack of credit and mortgages, as well as information asymmetry.

How We Can Help

PwC's smart logistics solution uses blockchain technology to improve operations and store accumulated transaction data onto a single platform. The solution provides visibility by connecting logistics companies, distributors, government agencies, and drivers.

Our experience using this solution allows us to lend our rich professional insight into the logistics industry and enables us to offer the highest level of services tailor smart logistics solutions that meet our customer’s specific needs.

Key Features

Carbon Assets Monitoring Accurately calculate carbon emission data based on emissions volumes, vessel type, and vehicle mileage, to inform reporting that is recognised and trusted by supervision and exchanges.

Logistics Tracking and Management Achieve real-time tracking of vehicles to create data trends such as vessel mileage and routing to improve logistics capacity and efficiency.

Provide Financing and Leasing Credit Support rating of logistics and transportation companies through business data, such as company's credit, vehicles (mileage, maintenance, violations, insurance), as well as driver information (behaviour, and credit).

Business Benefits

Effective Management of Carbon Assets Enable open and transparent processes for carbon emission reduction, clearing and settlement supervision as well as auditing.

Improve Logistics Control and Capacity By using our platform, enterprises can manage, share, and analyse data more conveniently. It also improves logistics capacity, efficiency, and reduces transportation risks.

More Convenient Financing and Leasing Track a wide range of reliable logistics information recorded on our platform, to simplify and accelerate the financing process and reduce financing costs.

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