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Business Scenario

As businesses adapt to omnichannel communications, many organisations look to enhance their call centres to support customer enquiries and requests. PwC's call centre solution is an integrated platform that can help elevate customer satisfaction and improve your call centre workflows. Service teams will be able to handle incoming calls effectively, while data will be securely logged to track performance, create customer profiles, and assist managers with their decision making.

Business Challenges

Raising Client Enquiries from Various Channels

As businesses grow, service teams face increasing customer support enquiries with limited resources

Low Operational Productivity

Service teams are under more pressure to maintain high productivity and KPIs while delivering exceptional customer service the entire time

Driving Customer Service Excellence

Customer interactions are becoming more dynamic and instant. Service teams often lack the right tools needed to address customers quickly

How We Can Help

PwC’s call centre solution can consolidate your omni communication channels and centralise service operations in one unified platform.

Powered by our low code platform (Digital Maker), the configurable solution combines virtual agent workstation and ticket management to empower your service team to deliver the best customer experience. The solution is fully integrable with soft phones, email systems, and workflows to allow flawless alignment with your existing operations and infrastructure.

Key Features

Real-time Customer Analytics Our solution can be customised to meet different service requirements. Workflows, dashboards, and reports can be created to help make more informed decisions.

Agent Workstation The platform can be configured to support your internal workflows and business requirements to manage incoming customer enquiries with ease.

Service Ticket Management Integration with soft phone and automated ticket assignment queues to track agent performance and identify areas of improvement.

Business Benefits

Better Resource Allocation With PwC's centralised platform and data analytics, managers can better manage staff resources based on real-time data and estimated caller demand.

Increased Productivity Operational workflows will be greatly streamlined with the service ticket management and agent workstation features.

Optimise Customer Journey With CRM and soft phone integration, service support can be greatly enhanced by leveraging historical data to craft unique customer profiles and journey.

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