Digital Maker

The developer friendly low-code development platform that turns ideas into enterprise-grade applications quickly. Digital Maker puts visual software innovation in the hands of business users so they can develop enterprise-grade applications with their developer teams quickly and easily to generate real business value.

How we can help

High speed low drag

Reduce the friction between your teams and develop faster with an easy-to-understand and user-friendly development platform

Inclusive software development

Ease the struggles to recruit expert talent by lowering the barrier of entry to software development with a visualised interface

Secured data

Reassure staff and clients that their data is safely stored with data encryption, multi-factor authentication, thorough access control with a ISO27001 standard compliant platform

How Digital Maker works

Digital Maker is a low-code application development platform that accelerates innovation and application software development with enterprise-grade security and fast-tracked application delivery for both internal and external clients.

We have used Digital Maker to build a legacy application migration platform and migrate legacy application supported databases to modernised applications. That is essential for enterprises that are decommissioning legacy programmes and development platforms to migrate to new ones.

Product features

Low-code development

Pre-made visual templates and functions help business-users easily apply enterprise-grade features to their applications

Enterprise-grade search

Find exactly what is needed in data processing configuration. Search key words in the context of filters such as projects, topics or even selected applications

Real-time visualisation

Leverage advanced analytics to form powerful insights and reports. Highlight new perspectives on dry data with interactive visualisations during presentations

PC and mobile enabled

All applications are ready for mobile devices from the get-go. The reactive toolset negates cost and time used to adapt applications for different devices

Use cases

Business Leader

Embracing the new digital norms means adapting the workforce and business towards a digital way of working and thinking.

Digital Maker is a powerful tool to get everyone, from business users to back-office staff, thinking digital-first with easily adoptable development tools. When everyone in the business thinks of digital solutions first, the business will naturally pivot to capture the high speed and highly innovative opportunities in the market.

Digital Maker is the do-er's solution to digital transformation in both mindset and action.

Technology Leader

Digital Maker can relieve your development team that is laden with the tedium of negotiating with business users that don't understand application development whilst increasing their productivity by focusing on truly value-adding projects.

Help the IT team standout from the crowd with powerful features such as configurable security settings, intuitive application lifecycle management tools, so that IT can easily manage the product development process for more powerful and complex applications.

Make your IT team known for amazing work across the business because the business teams know exactly what amazing value you bring.


Deliver apps at speed with effortless drag-and-drop functions and features for your applications. These web and mobile ready functions will relieve you of long coding times for those common features that everyone seems to want.

Save further time by having simple support and update functions that allow you to deploy solutions with one click.

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