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Business Scenario

PwC's Digital Investigation Solution is an integrated platform designed to facilitate the filtering and review of large volumes of unstructured data for eDiscovery, investigation, and regulatory compliance needs.

Business Challenges

New and Emerging Data Sources

Electronic records are increasing in both size and form, and companies are frequently required to review data from non-traditional records like instant messaging tools, voice logs, and online feeds.

Increasing Process Maturity Expectations

Many legal and regulatory bodies have higher expectations of how data should be processed, searched and produced when responding to disclosure requests.

Increasing Volumes of Data

The increasing volume of data that organisations generate and store means traditional review approaches are no longer cost efficient - especially for major projects.

How We Can Help

PwC's Digital Investigation Solution was designed to tackle all stages of the electronic discovery process. By combining digital tools, machine learning with the expertise of our skilled professionals, PwC leverages the Relativity document review platform to provide deeper insights and effective solutions to help our clients control costs and mitigate risk.

Our team excels at understanding client needs, while our services cover all areas of electronic discovery, including strategic road mapping, process design, data collection and processing, documentation, as well as review.

Key Features

Technology assisted review Our solution can be configured to use machine learning and AI to augment manual review workflows.

Local hosting We have solutions hosted in both Mainland China and Hong Kong SAR so we can provide support when data cannot be transferred across borders.

Analytics support Our team is experienced in assisting clients to design custom analytics that enhance traditional keyword-based filtering, thereby reducing false positives and review volumes.

Business Benefits

Meet legal and regulatory expectations Our team is experienced in supporting discovery and production requests across a range of jurisdictions.

Reducing time and cost PwC's eDiscovery solution and professionals can help your organisation create effective workflows and implement best practices that reduce costs and turnaround times for discovery matters.

Increasing rate of accuracy Our process automation directly results in less human error. Through our automated eDiscovery workflows, we enable our clients to improve the accuracy of even the most complicated document reviews.

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