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PwC's Privacy Ready is specifically designed to adhere to the China Personal Information Protection Law (PIPL). Our digital solution aims to automatically assess compliance issues, and continuously monitor risk treatment process. It helps enterprises accelerate the transformation from passive compliance response to proactive compliance management.

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Automated and Accurate

One-click automated generation of assessment results with built-in risk factors and rule engine, as well as accurate identification of risks at a lower cost.

Professional Compliance

Complete match of relevant regulations, national standards and guidelines to provide requirements-oriented assessment documentation and management dashboards.

Professional Compliance

Clear end-to-end closed-loop assessment process and concise interactive interface, for an efficient and convenient collaboration experience.

How Privacy Ready works

Privacy Ready provides enterprises with a one-stop online collaborative PIPL compliance assessment portal. Five modules are present: My Initiatives (Privacy Impact Assessment), Privacy Governance, Asset Inventory, Data Subject Request Management, and Consent Management. Additionally, options to emphasize regulatory priorities such as cross-border data transfer (CBDT) compliance are available to establish a closed loop of compliance management on business scenarios. In doing so, we empower enterprises to improve personal information protection management, fulfil regulatory requirements, reduce CBDT compliance risks and achieve accurate response to data subject requests.

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Product features

Assessment Process

An intuitive self-check questionnaire based on the requirements of PIPL enables users to quickly identify compliance risks in specific business scenarios.

Personal Information Inventory

Automatically generate data asset in response to regulatory requirements, including lists of collected personal information, systems and third parties involved.

Risk Dashboard and Risk Treatment

Efficient dashboard automatically generates risk matrix and enables progress tracking of risk treatment to achieve continuous improvements.

Report Export

One-click generation of compliance reports that meet the requirements of relevant national standard with respect to personal information protection.

Product modules

My Initiatives

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How My Initiatives works

My Initiatives module enables enterprises to assess personal information processing scenarios in a convenient way. The system relies on the built-in risk factors and rules engine to carry out efficient compliance assessment, and achieve one-click generation of compliance assessment report that follows national standard requirements. Based on the automatically generated risk assessment results and risk list, along with the standardized approval flow, stakeholders can accurately determine whether the risks require further treatment and provide corresponding treatment records, so as to achieve unified management of compliance progress and facilitate efficient completion of compliance work.

Asset Inventory

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Privacy Governance

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Data Subject Request (DSR) Management

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Consent Management

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Use cases


Privacy Ready enables the requestor to initiate assessment requests and receive timely compliance feedback and risk treatment guidance using an efficient and convenient communication channel.

Data Protection Officer

Privacy Ready enables DPO to monitor in real-time the risk level of business activities involving the personal information processing and feedback professional treatment advice. It also helps DPO make assessments and adjustments to improve the overall posture of corporate privacy compliance while enabling the monitoring of individual rights request response process. Meanwhile, DPO can achieve centralized management of privacy notices across varying channels and timely tracking of progress of consent collection from personal information subjects.

IT/Information Security Officer

Assist in handling data subject requests and provide processing results for internal review and data subject notification.

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