Privacy Operation Hub

PwC’s Privacy Operation Hub is the first digitalised privacy compliance management application rooted in China that provides go-global enterprises an unified, compliant and efficient solution throughout the privacy management life cycle.

How we can help

Global privacy in compliance

Rooted in China’s domestic market, we are currently empowering go-global enterprises with operations in 132 countries to achieve privacy compliance in the world.

Chain of evidence

Whole-chain visualisation presents all evidence of entire life cycle compliance for enterprises and regulators.

Regulatory expertise

Combining PwC's global privacy compliance expertise and proven methodologies with digital applications to help meet the regulatory requirements.

How Privacy Operation Hub works

PwC's Privacy Operation Hub integrates privacy operation methodology into product functions and establishes a holistic view of the privacy compliance system. By providing companies with top-level perspective, the Hub can guide implementation of regulatory requirements, and assist building a safe, reliable, and flexible solution for:

【To-R】 Evidence covering the entire life cycle compliance for regulators

【To-B】 Management and control of data processing for enterprise ToB clients

【To-C】 Response management of data subject rights for enterprise ToC clients

【To-E】 Internal digitalisation of a corporation’s global privacy compliance operation

Product features

Data intelligent scanning and discovery

Based on regulations, it performs automatic data scanning, intelligent matching, detection, and classification of sensitive data, as well as report generation.

Privacy data management

Privacy Operation Hub contains key applications including: organisation, privacy policy, privacy by design, and privacy impact assessment amongst others.

Evidence chain of privacy operations

It evaluates the legitimacy of data processing and builds a fully-linked evidence knowledge map of organisation privacy data compliance management.

Regulations knowledge base

Intuitive displays and easy retrieval of global privacy regulations enable users to conduct compliance self-checks and access professional support.

Use cases

Data Privacy Officer

Privacy Operation Hub helps to implement China's Personal Information Protection Law, GDPR compliance and supervise data protection work.

Project Manager

Privacy management business needs can be completed by the digital product and customised workflows can be implemented swiftly.

Legal Staff

Legal teams can obtain implementation guidelines for relevant privacy regulations and professional consulting services.

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