Entity Management System

A smart and automated self-service platform that provides you with effortless management on the key aspects of business, regulatory and tax reporting matters, saving you time with enhanced collaboration and corporate governance. From family offices, funds to large enterprises, you can now master your ever changing and growing map of entities.

How we can help

Single source of truth

Centralised system with remote access to manage all entity information and documents to keep everyone in sync anywhere and anytime

Oversight, accountability, transparency

Boost your corporate governance by staying on top of your compliance obligations with secure access to sensitive data

Improved productivity

Save time with insights from dynamic structure charts, real time analytics and visualisations

How Entity, Governance & Compliance Management Works

Entity Management System allows you to securely manage all entities for better regulatory and tax compliance anytime anywhere. It includes fundamental entity information and document management, pre-populated compliance tasks and smart due date logic based on the jurisdiction, a user friendly calendar with reminders, the ability to automatically create structure charts based on shareholder information, as well as insights, analytics and visualisations on key tax and financial figures as an add-on.

Product features

Manage entity information and compliance

Comprehensive entity information with compliance tracking through built-in key deadlines and reminders with flexibility to customise for multiple jurisdictions

Shareholding and directorship management

Track and manage all shareholder and director changes for ease of reporting

Organisational charts made easy

Structure charts automatically generated on a real-time basis based on ownership changes

Analytics and visualisations

Extensible to cover key tax and financial analytics, indexes and visualisations across jurisdictions and entities

Use cases

Top executives and owners

It gives comfort to leaders and owners that all entities are being managed for better regulatory and tax compliance, and overall corporate governance.

ComSec, tax managers, legal counsel
  1. Tracking holistically across the organisation which compliance tasks have been completed or not.
  2. Having quick access to critical documents and tax profiles.
  3. Changes in directors and shareholders are easier to maintain and report.
  4. Automatically generate structure charts based on ownership information.
  5. Control over who has access to different types of information and documents.
  6. Improved planning for future tasks management and reporting."
Fund managers
  1. Automatic generation of up to date structure chart.
  2. Control over how to 'slice and dice' your complex structure chart.
  3. Tracking holistically across the organisation with which filing requirements (e.g. FACTA or CRS) have been completed or not.
  4. Simulate the structure charts for any changes in entities, their information and ownerships as an add-on.


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