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Business Scenario

Talent is of the utmost importance in today's rapidly transforming business environment. The selection, engagement and management of talent is a key driver of commercial success. The traditional management frameworks and tools only support a passive and inconsistent means of managing talent. A more modern, dynamic approach is needed. PwC's talent management solution can help you empower and engage your people through a real-time, collaborative, and effective talent management strategy that helps to drive your business forward.

Business Challenges

Talent Selection

Having the right people in the right place is crucial for organisational success, while modern talent selection requires a data-driven approach.

Sustaining Employee Engagement

Employee engagement can be difficult as businesses become more global and remote, which can adversely affect employee interest.

Lack of Insights

Leaders need to be equipped with data and insights to effectively manage resources and prepare for upcoming talent needs.

How We Can Help

PwC can help you organise your company’s needs, find the best talent for your unique business situation, and provide leaders with a better understanding of team strengths, performance, and productivity.

Our talent management solution can also store and arrange talent profiles within your company to highlight skills for straightforward matching with projects or assignment opportunities. All skills, experience, and project history can be easily referenced at any time.

In addition, we can provide further upskilling and talent frameworks that address your unique people requirements.

Key Features

Talent Profiling Your HR team receives a holistic summary of the employee, including an easy to view Spider web diagram detailing skills, proficiency levels, performance metrics and more.

Engagement and Collaboration Tools Personalised and intuitive tools help employees get to know each other. Natural behaviour, interests, talents, communication styles, and motivations can be documented on profiles.

360 Feedback Anytime At any time, using any devices, employees can give, receive, and request feedback across the organisation for current or previous work.

Business Benefits

Better Resource Allocation Real-time insights match talent with roles that best fit their profiles to improve engagement and promote mutual success.

Driving Employee Engagement Organisations can enhance teamwork by improving employee engagement across different teams.

Talent Management Understand your team's core talents and abilities to coherently align talent planning with business strategy.

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