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Business Scenario

We help with payroll and overhead costs which are amongst the biggest expenses for running a business. Commercial pressures mean that HR and compensation experts are continually challenged to balance employee expectations with business limitations. By combining traditional rules based testing with advanced analytics and machine learning, PwC's payroll analysis solutions helps organisations uncover previously undiscovered insights and anomalies.

Business Challenges

Budget Limitations

Compensation teams need to find ways to optimise reward planning with limited budgets.

Inefficient HR and Payroll Processes

Extracting and piecing together information from HR and payroll systems was traditionally a manual, time-intensive process.

Segregated HR and Finance Systems

Legacy systems may be scattered, making data analysis difficult and time consuming.

How We Can Help

PwC's payroll analysis solution analyses an organisation’s pay data and provides insights across a range of areas including salary management and reward spend. The interactive visualisation tools within the dashboard provide a drill-down functional enabling more precise analysis.

Combined with PwC's services, your HR leadership and management team can design and execute optimal reward policies to keep employee engagement high.

Key Features

Unified Dashboard

Assess the breakdown and distribution of costs across all pay elements (including standard, overtime, public holidays, or leave).

Automated Reporting

A built in reporting tool which enables users to generate exceptions and analytical reports for further evaluation.

Advanced Analytics and Data Management

Employee compensation, expenses, and other related data helps build a holistic view of payroll costs.

Business Benefits

Improved Payroll Operations

By combining traditional rules-based testing with advanced analytics, our payroll solution helps organisations uncover previously undiscovered insights and anomalies.

Advanced and Automated Reporting

A robust exception reporting tool which also enables users to drill into and identify root causes to exceptions.

Singular View of Pay and Performance Data

Unified overview of pay and performance data spanning the entire organisation.

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