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Business Scenario

A seamless onboarding experience is critical to keeping talent and creating a strong first impression of the company. However, companies can find it difficult to coordinate all the tasks, processes, and paperwork. PwC's Employee Onboarding Solution is designed to ease the burden of time-intensive tasks for both hiring teams and new employees. With a digital approach, distribution, collection, and review of the onboarding process become smooth and intuitive.

Business Challenges

Inefficient Processes and Workflows

Traditional onboarding can be time-consuming and prone to mishandling, which can lead to a poor onboarding experience for new joiners.

Miscommunication between Business Units

Hiring managers often do not share sufficient information with other teams such as the facilities, admin, HR payroll and IT department making the hiring a hectic process for all parties.

Low Engagement and Performance Tracking

HR and management need to continuously improve and ensure strong engagement with new hires.

How We Can Help

PwC's Employee Onboarding Solution provides all the tools you need to enhance your entire onboarding process.

It also helps HR teams align with cross-functional stakeholders to seamlessly collaborate via an online portal and keep track of onboarding tasks in real time.

By streamlining the onboarding workflow process, as well as improving integration with the core HR system, organisations can spend more time keeping new hires engaged through powerful social features.

Key Features

Automated and Streamlined Onboarding Automate the onboarding process by assigning predefined task lists and templates to new employees. Stakeholders can easily manage tasks and documentation delivery with workflow automation.

Team Engagement Introductions are simplified by using member introduction cards for both new hires and their team members.

Reporting and Analytics Task status, real-time updates, training statistics, and reports are all available in a customisable dashboard. Additionally, new joiners' work performance can be viewed and tracked.

Business Benefits

Improved Productivity and Time Saved Manual tasks within the onboarding workflow are minimised and operational processes are automated to increase efficiency.

Employee Experience Improvements Employees who receive effective onboarding have better engagement, higher productivity and retention rate.

Complete Visibility HR can easily review the onboarding workflow, confirm management approvals, and monitor the overall onboarding process.

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