Employee Expense Analyser for Internal Auditors and Finance

Business Scenario

The employee expenses analyser enables users to identify trends and patterns in financial data. Total data coverage is provided to address and identify risks. Further, multiple filters can be applied for granular analysis of core information. The data can be easily manipulated and viewed in a variety of ways to match needs.

Business Challenges

Increasing Volumes of Employee Expense Data

Unable to efficiently utilise a data-driven approach to profile all the transactions and identify anomalies for further investigation

Inadequate Financial Controls

Lack of proper controls to monitor and control fraudulent abuse

Manual and Inefficient Review Process

The traditional reimbursement and review process is manual and time intensive

How We Can Help

The employee expense analyser focuses PwC’s expertise and market leading data analytics capabilities into a series of interactive and intuitive dashboards.

Our solution brings together multiple disparate datasets such as employee master data, employee expense transactions, and travel records. The unified dataset is presented through an overview dashboard which allows users to readily identify abnormal patterns and outliers.

Key Features

Cutting-edge Analytics and Risk Identification Employee information, expenses, and other related data help build a holistic view of the reimbursement process and enable users to identify potential outliers.

Automated Reporting A built-in reporting tool ensures users can easily manage the data refresh process.

Unified Dashboard Assess the breakdown and distribution of expenses in a variety of ways, (including by department, category, or a combination of any other customised filters).

Business Benefits

Advanced and Automated Reporting The interactive visualisations of the expense data can help identify and control business risks.

Accelerated Reimbursement Review Process Traditional procedures and processes are automated to accelerate the reimbursement review process.

Enhanced Employee Expense Process Management By combining traditional rules-based testing with advanced analytics, our employee expenses analyser helps organisations identify new ways to save costs.

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