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Business Scenario

The Smart Survey is a powerful survey building tool designed to assist users in quickly creating and deploying surveys, as well as collecting and analyzing data. It features: an easy-to-use survey building interface, diverse templates, real-time data statistics and analysis, and supports various sharing methods.

Business Challenges

Spending a Lot of Time

Without the help of a smart survey, users need to spend a considerable amount of time implementing survey generation through programming.

Tedious Process, No Templates Available

Traditional survey generation relies on coding, and each new survey requires repetitive work.

Unable to Automatically Generate Data Reports

Manual collection of survey data and manual creation of reports for data analysis are required.

How We Can Help

AI Empowerment, Efficient Building With the power of AI, users only need a simple "command" to quickly generate survey content. User-Friendly Non-professionals can also use the smart survey tool, as it offers an intuitive drag-and-drop interface design, eliminating the need for complex programming experience. Data Analysis Capability Smart surveys automatically collect and analyze data, allowing users to view statistical results in real-time, greatly simplifying the data analysis process.

Key Features

Simple and User-Friendly Interface Smart Survey adopts an intuitive drag-and-drop interface design and utilizes AI technology, allowing users to easily create surveys without programming experience. The survey includes various question types such as single choice, multiple choice, text boxes, etc., to meet various survey needs. Support for Various Sharing Methods Users can share survey links or QR codes on social media and via email, making it convenient for respondents to participate in the survey.

Diverse Themes and Templates Smart Survey offers a variety of themes and templates for users to choose from. Users can select suitable themes and templates based on their needs to quickly create professional and visually appealing surveys. Real-time Data Statistics and Analysis The survey generator automatically collects and analyzes data, allowing users to view real-time statistical results, including answer distribution for each question and respondents' basic information. Users can analyze and interpret this data to better understand survey results.

Business Benefits

Smart Survey is a powerful and user-friendly online survey creation tool that helps users quickly create professional and attractive surveys, and collect and analyze data. The product features a simple and easy-to-use interface, diverse themes and templates, real-time data statistics and analysis, data security protection, support for various sharing methods, intelligent prompts and guidance, and more.

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