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Business Scenario

With the continuous development of government departments and businesses, there is a need to establish a professional image and convey consistent information externally, while internally providing employees with a convenient intranet platform. PwC's portal solution offers a one-stop portal application for governments and businesses, facilitating the flexible construction of external and internal portals, enabling operational administrators to efficiently manage the portals.

Business Challenges

Cumbersome External User Experience

There are multiple external system platforms targeting the public, resulting in complex user processes and impacting user experience for external users.

Outdated Existing Portal

The current portal system's style and functionality are outdated, unable to meet the demands of expanding into new business areas.

Inefficient System Operations

The lack of a unified operational management platform hinders real-time data updates and queries, compromising the stability and security of the system.

How We Can Help

Enhance Corporate Image The portal solution enhances the corporate brand image through a friendly and convenient user experience. Improve Operational Efficiency Administrators can efficiently manage and operate the portal platform in real-time. Accelerate Digital Transformation By unifying authentication services and data processes across various systems, the portal platform optimizes business efficiency and accelerates digital transformation.

Key Features

Unified Single Sign-On and User Authentication Service We provide a unified single sign-on and user authentication service, supporting integration with various SSO authentication services and personnel data synchronization. One-stop Construction of Internal and External Portals Efficiently construct a one-stop portal, capable of differentiating internal and external portals based on functionality and user categories, and supporting simultaneous operation and management.

Seamless Integration with External Systems Effortlessly integrate external system applications, showcasing business data integrated into the portal system for convenient external application management. Efficient Unified Operations Management Support administrators in effectively managing the operation and maintenance of the portal system, including module management for users, permissions, data, applications, documents, information, logs, etc.

Business Benefits

PwC's Smart Government and Enterprise Portal Solution offers an integrated platform for the construction, operation, and management of portals for various government and corporate departments. This aims to achieve an efficient, high-quality, and highly satisfactory portal system. Additionally, we provide a unified operational platform, facilitating real-time management of modules such as user permissions, document information, external applications, and data logs.

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