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Business Scenario

In this digital age, organisations are transforming to drive efficiency, innovation, and growth. Process automation is a flexible solution to evolve traditional ways of working, but change is never easy. PwC is here to provide you with process automation solutions including digital assets and implementation, upskill training programmes that help your organisation transform, empowering talents to enhance competitiveness.

Business Challenges

Digital Risks and Opportunities

To succeed in the digital age, businesses need to confront challenges arising from digital risks and grasp opportunities to achieve their objectives.

Challenges for Change Management

Employees may perceive that digital transformation changes their jobs significantly or even adds to workloads, which can lead to resistance to change.

Limited Resources to Conduct Training

Upskilling is already on the agenda, yet it is a daunting and time-consuming challenge to prepare a cutting-edge curriculum from scratch.

How We Can Help

PwC's process automation solutions such as Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Analytic Process Automation (APA), and Business Intelligence (BI) automate manual and time-consuming tasks. In doing so, our solution promotes lean process thinking emphasising operations excellence. PwC provides end-to-end services on implementation and offers tailor-made training for organisations to upskill employees. Additionally, government funding schemes support enterprises to train staff in advanced technologies.

Key Features​

Process Automation Solution Based on an understanding of your organisation's digital strategies, we devise an organisation-wide process automation assessment and implementation plan with you that will streamline, improve, and automate key processes.

Tailor-made Training Programmes Bespoke training materials will be designed with flexible arrangements based on your needs. In addition to digital concepts and skills, training will also cover tailor-made hands-on exercises that stimulate lean process thinking and encourage individuals to embrace the new technology by utilising digital tools.

Government Funding Support for Digital Upskill The Hong Kong Government offers a funding programme to support local enterprises to upskill their staff in advanced technology. The funding could subsidise up to 2/3 of the training course fee upon successful application. There is a maximum of HK$500,000 funding support for each enterprise per fiscal year. PwC is one of the registered course providers.

Business Benefits

Foster Process Automation We assist enterprises from digital transformation strategy and change management, to the implementation of end-to-end process automation solutions. Consequently, we can help reduce exposure to implementation risks and achieve a quick return on investment.

Deliver Real Value Process automation solutions streamline processes, automate repetitive and time-consuming processes, reduce operational costs, and improve operational efficiency.

Upskill Internal Staff Staff will be upskilled with new technological know-how and become subject matter experts, increasing capabilities of performing more value-added tasks.

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