Application Modernisation Solution for Legacy Systems

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Business Scenario

As businesses look for new ways to drive efficiency, IT teams are challenged with modernising existing back-end infrastructure and transforming legacy application portfolios. However, migrations are often complicated to execute with the risk of data loss which could lead to higher costs. PwC's ‘Application Modernisation’ solution can support every phase of your transition from assessment and planning, to execution and support.

Business Challenges

Time Consuming and Costly

There isn't a “one size fits all” for migrating data as there are hundreds and thousands of apps and databases with different formats and forms.

Lost in Translation

Data fidelity is hard to maintain during migration without proper tools and pre-migration planning.

Keeping Old Goods with Modern Benefits

Migrating applications that were "citizen-led" and developed on legacy platforms can be demanding.

How We Can Help

PwC's application moderation and data migration solution is powered by Digital Maker, a rapid low-code development platform. The platform includes ready-to-use modules, components and tools that support business focused, user-friendly apps that facilitate rapid development with smoother workflow management.

With our professional services, we include pre-migration planning services, an app migration convertor tool, and post operational support. The solution speeds up the migration process and new application development while keeping costs low.

Key Features

Extreme Data Fidelity It preserves all required data such as emails, documents, rich-text, in-line pictures, file attachments, and tables

Simplified Conversion and Deployment Powered by our low-code development platform (Digital Maker), users can specify the data source and convert up to 10,000 documents in less than 1 hour

Secured Encryption Possess security attributes such as user access control and document encryption

Business Benefits

Efficiency, Quality and Risk Reduction With the help of our convertor tool and services team, PwC can help you glide through all phases of the migration process.

Cost Savings The solution saves your migration cost by speeding up the overall migration process and by needing fewer resources to manage the migration project.

Foster Innovation and Digitalisation We help clients to turn ideas into applications easily and build up an ecosystem that accelerates digital transformation.

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