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Business Scenario

IT departments are continuously challenged to enhance professional efficiencies to keep up with the increasing expectations from business users. As the influence of technology broadens, business units require more IT support than ever before. A major challenge is creating a robust, scalable business process to support increasing end-user enquiries, while maintaining a positive experience. PwC's services ticketing system can streamline operations by promoting an efficient IT self-service ecosystem.

Business Challenges

Increasing Volume of IT Requests

Technology has become essential for business operations, leaving IT departments facing a daunting array of service requests with a variety of needs and priorities.

Low Productivity and Operational Efficiency

Decentralised IT and non-standard service processes lead to higher costs and inefficient operations.

Inadequate Data Insights

IT teams often struggle to gather all the necessary information and data to offer comprehensive support for end users.

How We Can Help

PwC’s Services Centre solution can transform your IT operations and centralise all IT support engagements. Developed with PwC's low-code development platform (Digital Maker), the solution is fully customisable and ready to be adapted to your unique operations.

The all-in-one platform includes a customised service request workflow, document sharing, audit trail, full-text search capability and chat-bot integration to support your service team's priorities and improve the end-user experience.

Key Features

Self-Service Portal Business users can directly submit IT requests, access common quick-fix tools, and interact with a Chatbot to resolve enquiries.

Customisable Workflows Our solution is designed to be flexible and can be customised to meet different service requests. Workflows, dashboards, and reporting can be adjusted to meet user needs.

Incident Management Enquiries, service activities, and insights are securely logged in a unified platform then easily monitored through real-time dashboards.

Business Benefits

Automation and Self-Service Capabilities Using chatbot technology and automated workflows, workloads and priorities can be managed efficiently by your IT department.

Increased Productivity Operational workflows are streamlined to ensure that enquiry resolutions meet the required service level agreements and priorities.

Superior Business Support All documentation and end user interactions are centralised. IT staff can use data to unlock insights that help with business interactions.

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