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Business Scenario

IT projects have become increasingly complex as technology rapidly evolves, thus increasing end-users demand for ease-of-use and flexibility. An IT project manager must meet the deadlines and stay within budget. PwC's IT Projects Management Solution empowers your IT project manager to plan, organize, and manage your team's work from start to finish on one platform. They can coordinate teams on one platform to easily keep everyone on task and on time.

Business Challenges

Complex Dependencies between IT Components

IT projects often go over budget due to various changes in scope and unknown dependencies among hardware, software, network, and data.

Redundant and Conflicting Projects

High volume of requests from different functions, product, and customer groups can lead to unwanted conflicts and redundancies.

Poor Communications between IT and the Business

There is often unclear expectations from the business and end-users. IT project managers need tools to engage with stakeholders about requirements and project deliverables.

How We Can Help

Our solution helps you manage and execute projects, allowing you to prioritize mission-critical projects. With real-time status updates on projects and tasks, you can stay on schedule and meet deadlines without scrambling at the last minute. You can streamline communication by keeping conversations with teammates, clients, and vendors in one place. Improve collaboration, avoid IT project risk, and gain more control over the rapid digital arena with our solution.

Key Features

Task Management Overview IT tasks can be managed, tracked, and shared easily. Each task card contains a variety of functions to help track and work on it such as checklists, due dates, attachments, conversations, dependencies and more.

Project Portfolio Management All tasks can be tracked and synchronised with easy-to use Gantt charts, lists, calendar views and Kanban. Show and manage project progress, priorities, and timelines for both waterfall and agile projects.

Project Lifecycle Management Team members, stakeholders and sponsors can easily communicate throughout the entire project life cycle by sharing feedback, files, and status updates on one platform.

Business Benefits

Real-time Decision Making Projects are accelerated with automation, real-time visibility, customizable dashboards, and reports that drive faster decisions.

Risk Mitigation Overdue goals and tasks can be identified and analysed early by making it easy to overview and communicate with stakeholders throughout the entire project life cycle.

Unified Team Communication Communication between team members is greatly improved for complex projects.

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