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Business Scenario

With the Contract Management Solution built on the Intelligent Digital Maker platform, it helps clients achieve digital management for all contracts. It optimizes legal-related management processes, making the contract progression efficient, transparent, reducing risks, and providing value.

Business Challenges

High communication costs, cumbersome processes

With the expansion of the enterprise personnel structure, the communication costs associated with contracts have also increased, and the contract confirmation process is unclear and cumbersome.

High review and audit costs

The lack of standardized processes in contract approval may lead to inevitable human errors, and the cost of reviewing and auditing is high.

Data insecurity

Traditional paper-based archiving methods are insufficient to meet the business needs for secure document storage and quick retrieval. Paper contracts have almost no resistance to confidentiality breaches and information tampering.

How We Can Help

Structured Contract Management Unified contract templates, standardized approval processes, transparent approval workflows, facilitating employee usage and timely progression. Integrating personnel, project tasks, project collections, and borrowing processes to streamline the entire contract management chain. Accurate Retrieval Incorporating an embedded search engine with AI capabilities, allowing users to locate target contracts or agreements based on vague recollections. Data Security Assurance Automatic tracking of contract processing, facilitating audit tracking and preventing potential information tampering. Support for setting personnel permissions on the smallest content units to prevent unauthorized access by unrelated individuals.

Key Features

Flexible and Efficient Approval Workflow Assisting clients in standardizing and streamlining contract content and approval processes, integrating contracts or agreements with project tasks. It supports collaboration across multiple entities, departments, and roles, allowing tasks to be transferred between different employees. This facilitates automatic progression by other colleagues during an employee's leave. Integration with Third-Party Systems Support integration with external systems and business data processes, ensuring synchronous stability and security of the system, and assisting in enhancing overall operational efficiency for enterprises.

Data Reports Analyze contract operational data through visual means, enhancing the data value of operational contracts and assisting managers in making more informed decisions. Security Assurance Undergo rigorous vulnerability scanning and simulated attacks, and receive security level certification. Utilizing advanced security encryption technologies, the system is comprehensively secured from access control to data processing.

Business Benefits

PwC Contract Management Solution standardizes contract content and approval processes, supporting collaborative work across multiple entities, departments, and roles to enhance efficiency. The mobile application allows users to access contract information at any time. Additionally, the system improves overall data security through access control and compliance enhancements.

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