Blockchain Traceability Solution for Textile and Clothing

Business Scenario

As living standards improve, consumers demand transparency on prices, places of origin, raw materials, environmental practices, and ethical working conditions. Problems such as information asymmetry lead to a lack of trust between upstream and downstream enterprises in the cloth and textile industry. PwC's blockchain traceability solution for the cloth and textile industry enhances supply chain transparency and solidifies consumer trust.

Business Challenges

Challenges Tracing Products and Processes

Limited visibility on environmental friendliness each detail in the production process makes it hard to spot errors before they cause an issue such as the use of harmful dyes.

Difficulties Protecting Intellectual Property

Compared with other sectors, fashion designs are less protected under intellectual property law because the origins of the IP are difficult to prove and enforce.

Complications in Integrating and Unifying Systems

Material information of clothing origin, logistics, quality inspection, and sales are stored in independent systems which raises risks of modified data.

How We Can Help

Our blockchain traceability solution for the clothing and textile industry is powered by PwC’s professional services which provide enterprise-level customisable features.

We establish an end-to-end production-to-sale traceability system that ensures raw materials and clothing information can easily be traced in real time.

Our solution enhances the overall transparency of the supply chain and elevates consumer trust in our clients to raise their brand value and competitiveness in the market.

Key Features

End-to-end clothing information traceability By giving digital identities to materials at the origin of textiles on blockchain, consumers can obtain a complete set of information from production to sales, including environmental sustainability data.

Confirmation of intellectual property ownership All information relating to clothing material and design is tracked on blockchain, ensuring there is reliable data and evidence throughout the process.

Industry-oriented professional services With years of professional experience in the clothing and fashion industry, PwC provides customised business solutions and process designs developed for the industry.

Business Benefits

Ensure traceable production materials and processes Our solution can trace back to raw materials and processing methods. If any problems occur, they can be verified and managed quickly to protect brand image.

Protect commercial property rights Fashion companies and designers can use the indisputable record on the blockchain to prove the entire design process and safeguard their intellectual property.

Establish a reliable and transparent ecosystem Construct a unique, traceable, and non-tamperable information source recognised by all participants including clothing producers, warehouses, wholesalers, and retailers.

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