Digital Transformation for Travel and Tourism Omnichannel Commerce Solution

Business Scenario

The travel and tourism industry faces many business and operational challenges that digital transformation can address and improve. PwC's travel and tourism omnichannel commerce solution aligns products, consumers, orders, and channels, to propel digital transformation across all verticals. Operational processes can be greatly enhanced to support the growing customer base and user demand.

Business Challenges

Omnichannel Commerce Complexities

In response to increasing online booking orders, travel companies can improve their businesses by fully integrating online and offline offerings to unify the customer experience.

Lack of a Unified Sales Operation Standard

Business operations and systems vary among resorts and hotels. The current low levels of automation make sales and marketing operations across different entities a real challenge.

Lack of a Centralised Data Platform

Data is often segregated across multiple entities and units, making it harder to form a consolidated view allowing informed business decisions.

How We Can Help

Powered by cloud and mobile connectivity, PwC's travel and tourism omnichannel commerce solution enables tourism enterprises to manage business standardisation effectively. It offers communication with various travel agents, order management integration for both B2C and B2B businesses, accounting management, customer relationship management, and centralised risk analytics within a single suite. Together with PwC's professional services, we can help you solve complex commerce problems in the travel and tourism industry.

Key Features

Automated omnichannel order management The solution combines online and offline travel agency business orders, inventory and delivery visibility, and service availability into a single platform to achieve channel collaboration, improved efficiency and reduced costs.

Integration in the travel commerce ecosystem Provide a unified sales and marketing experience to manage product offerings, promotions, orders, membership, and channels among different stakeholders in the ecosystem.

Data middle platform Full Integration of data from all booking sources into an aggregated middle platform to provide a data warehouse enabling customised reporting and analytics.

Business Benefits

Efficient sales and operation management Order fulfilment and business operations are automated and unified to reduce the total cost to serve and facilitate smoother synchronisation between sales and marketing channels.

Informed business decisions Apply your business and accounting data to unlock valuable insights and identify opportunities that drive business forward.

Better customer relationships Entire life cycle of membership management with analytics can provide high-quality member services and rights, that improve customer experience and loyalty.

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