Blockchain Traceability Solution for Food Safety

Business Scenario

Food safety risks are increasing at an unprecedented rate. Due to changes in the environment, agricultural practices, and food production, new threats and hazards are emerging. These further add pressure on the food supply chain, accentuating the urgent need to cooperate and share information to improve global food safety standards. Our solutions meet the increasing of commercial value in food safety by introducing traceability to improve efficiency, save cost, and enhance product quality.

Business Challenges

Risk of Food Fraud

Food fraud and label imitations are an increasing risk for businesses. Once a food safety problem occurs, backtracking processes can be inefficient due to manual backtracking procedures.

Decentralised and Complex Supply Chain

Information islands and fragmented data exist throughout the food supply chain, especially for the source of raw materials. It is difficult to monitor and trace food production and sales.

Adapting to the Regulatory Requirements

When consumers purchase goods, brands must provide guaranteed certification and traceability information.

How We Can Help

PwC’s food traceability solution provides standardisation and customised solutions that adhere to government requirements.

We can offer support throughout your entire supply chain process including professional services, application development, and “end-to-end" digital solution support.

The main features of the platform include end-to-end process management, a business workflow engine, traceability, big data analysis, receipt and delivery management. Vitally, critical data such as destination, quantity and location of goods can also be traced effectively.

Key Features

Comprehensive Transparency and Traceability Provide status updates and clear records about the entire food supply chain to improve efficiency of identifying issues.

Data Cannot be Modified Data is immutable due to protection by blockchain, which improves data credibility.

Compliance and Quality Control Reports Easily generate documents to form regulatory reports and use dashboards to evaluate risks and compliance.

Business Benefits

Enhance Food Safety Trust Enhance food safety and quality management, effectively prevent counterfeit and inferior products from harming customers, and show a strong stance on your corporate social responsibility.

Improve Overall Supply Chain Transparency The key stakeholders in the supply chain want data transparency throughout the transportation process. Data can be used to intelligently collaborate across the entire supply chain between farms, production, processing, transportation, and sales.

Enhance Brand Value Boost the brand reputation of your companies and suppliers while creating brand value and product competitiveness in the market.

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