Purchase to Pay (P2P) Analysis Solution for Internal Auditors and Finance Managers

Business Scenario

As supply chains globalise, procurement teams are challenged to manage increased complexities and risks. Organisations are looking to reduce costs while procurement teams require additional accuracy to assess materials, products and vendor data. Businesses need technological support to capture, enrich, transform, and analyse internal and external data sources so that they can create insights to proactively manage cost, quality, and risk.

Business Challenges

Insufficient and Inadequate Data

Without a unified data platform or proper governance, a finance team will not have adequate data for comprehensive analysis.

Data Complexities Arising from ERP Systems

Stakeholders cannot grasp complex ERP systems to leverage data necessary for keen insights.

Risk from Dynamic Business Ecosystems

Ever-expanding multichannel business ecosystems raise data isolation and risk control challenges.

How We Can Help

At PwC, our team uses a data-driven approach to solve the most important challenges.

With our Purchase to Pay analysis solutions, businesses can analyse invoice, payment, purchase order, and vendor master data to identify unusual spending patterns. This can greatly aid compliance and finance teams management of purchasing guidelines.

An easy to operate dashboard with visualisation features also allows finance teams to smoothly identify improvement opportunities for working capital and other important metrics.

Key Features

Data Visualisation PwC’s solutions take data from varied sources to provide a holistic view of realised and committed spend in one place.

Proactive Identification of Fraud and Abuse Employ advanced data analytics to uncover duplicate invoices and payments or outlier trends.

Cost Saving Insights Highlight areas of cost saving within the business and model the impact of policy changes.

Business Benefits

Enhanced Vendor Management Identify spend with multiple vendors to consolidate data for better pricing and negotiating power.

Continuous Risk Monitoring at Your Own Pace A subscription model is available for regular data reloads at a frequency to suit your needs, in addition to real time monitoring with full year-round access and dedicated support.

Improved Working Capital Liquidity Credit term and risk analysis help identify better utilisation of vendors and process improvements.

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