Financial Processes Analysis Solution

Business Scenario

With data growing at an exponential pace, businesses are challenged to leverage available data to deliver value. Financial processes and data often reside in multiple systems that don't speak to each other, further complicating this task. PwC's financial processes analyser is designed to help businesses gain a singular view of financial processes. Users will be able to explore and visualise data on demand to uncover insights to take their business to the next level.

Business Challenges

Integrating Multiple Financial Processes

Most financial data reside in multiple systems that don’t easily connect with each other.

Accurate Financial Planning and Control

Finance teams require accurate and reliable financial data for optimal forecasting and financial planning.

Data Accessibility

Business users often demand to be able to access financial data from any platform at any time.

How We Can Help

PwC's Financial Processes Analyser can integrate and capture all financial data including payables, receivables, payroll, and expenses across multiple financial processes. The cloud-based visualisation tools within the dashboard can also help transform available data into recognisable trends.

Combining PwC's technology capabilities and services on data and analytics, the powerful, custom-built solution can meet your organisation's operational and strategic finance needs.

Key Features

One Integrated Solution Our solution integrates multiple business financial processes into one business intelligence resource. Continuous controls monitoring is available for exception identification, management and reporting.

100% Coverage Payables, receivables, payroll, and expense claims data can all be explored at ease.

24/7 Availability Hosted in PwC’s secure cloud environment with 24 x 7 access and available on different platforms such as mobile, tablets, or desktops.

Business Benefits

Centralised Financial Data Integrates multiple financial processes and databases into a single business intelligence platform for easy access and use.

Reliable Management Insights Financial data can be quickly transformed into powerful insights and visualised through third party tools.

Data is Always Available Users can easily access financial data on different platforms anytime, anywhere.

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