Knowledge Core

Knowledge Core provides cross-industry insights, solutions and use cases to act as the professional knowledge database and digital platform for professional services. Get information, courses and even online tools from a single reliable and trustworthy source to keep in sync and up-to-date

How we can help

Collated and curated intelligence

Collect and filter vast information for just the truly reputable insights and news to satisfy learning and sharing needs

Access to PwC professionals

Get access to and interact with PwC professionals online to sate your hunger for insights

Empowered to learn and grow

Have easy access to professional knowledge and industry insights to expand horizons and improve skills to produce greater personal value

How Knowledge Core works

Knowledge Core provides over 360 hot topics, 5,000 articles and valuable parts of the documents, various kinds of texts and numeric data, as well as over 80 online courses in ten key industries for the end-user. It also provides online interaction between end-user and PwC's professionals.

Product features

Knowledge "supply chain"

The one place to get the high quality professional insights and intelligence PwC is known for

Efficient Access

Get what you need quickly thanks to labelled information fragments

Reliable Content

Ensure that the intelligence is reliable with the assurance that it comes from industry professionals

Use cases

Senior managers

Knowledge Core is an excellent digital tool that provides us with the latest and most authoritative opinions, tools, and activities from PwC in a very convenient way. It helps us maintain a good online relationship with PwC experts and be prepared for the further cooperation with PwC.


Collect and benefit from multi-industries knowledge, insights, solutions and use cases accumulated from PwC's professional service. Register events and watch on-line course to improve professional skills Subscribe topics and PwC expert's column to get the latest insights.


Free app

Free version suitable for knowledge updates. Compatible for iOS and Android devices


The tailored source of industry-specific information made for your team. This premium version of Knowledge Core provides customised news feeds, forum functions and enhanced features to suit exactly what need to succeed

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