Tax Risk Analytics

Extensive tax insights on comparatives, trends, index analysis and risk alerts of ERP, finance, business and tax data with built-in analytical models to tailor to your organisation's profile through our flexible configuration engine. You are empowered with professional indications to assess your risk and monitor against your desired thresholds.

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How we can help

Robust tax management framework

Leverage our tax expertise to define a robust tax risk management framework that is fit for purpose and supports your overall tax and risk management strategy

Discover broader insights

Analyse and gain insights with data from multiple sources covering finance, sales, purchase, tax invoice, tax returns through a centralised platform

Improve tax controls effectiveness

Monitor your organisation’s risk profile with alerts and informative indications to assess and improve internal tax controls

Product features

Extensive data coverage

Widespread data coverage across ERP, finance, sales, purchase, invoice (fapiao), tax and more for multidimensional analysis

Insights with tax expertise

Tax expertise embedded within our numerous analytical models and broad spectrum of comparatives tailored to your organisation for compliance management

Risk profile assessment

Real-time monitoring for potential tax exposures with risk profile assessment to assist you with building a robust tax risk management framework


Visualise and drill down on your finance, business and tax data to uncover trends and comparatives for enhanced oversight and tax planning

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