Smart at Work

This all-in-one collaborative work management solution puts your entire operation at your fingertips with ease

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All-in-one suite

Project, team and document management at the fingertips, anywhere. Take control and increase productivity with synchronised workflows that suit the business

Collaborate in context

Work seamlessly across teams and work levels with real-time information readied for sharing and discussion through this platform

Easy to adopt and understand

Short adoption and learning curves save costs and ensures that the entire team can reap the benefits faster

How Smart at Work works

An all-rounded business management solution for flexible work management, business insights and more. By managing projects, documents, people talents and business operations within the same system, Smart at Work promotes collaboration, boosts productivity, ensures compliance and streamlines processes.

Product features

Project Management

Keep all your tasks tracked and your team synchronized with easy-to use Gantt chart and Kanban. Be transparent with less effort for a happier team.


Visualise the entire operation on this interactive dashboard. Track project status and even resources live for in-time decision and increased productivity.

Document Management

Cater the entire lifecycle to trace, manage and store documents. Ensure compliance with approval workflow and version controls.

Management on the move

Stay connected to your daily works and keep tasks forward with access to all available productivity tools from the phone.

Use cases

Enterprises leaders
  • Make fact based decisions supported by data. Eliminate out-of-the-blue assumptions that make shaky business decisions
  • Stay in control across the enterprise's operations, including independent and legacy applications, to keep on top of the business
  • Track and organise projects, tasks and documents across different teams with access rights control so that managers can get work done efficiently
  • Get instant recognition with automated updates to senior management, to reduce the time and cost whilst raising the team's morale
Staff / Team members
  • Collaborate with project team members and show your great work to leaders in efficient ways
  • Document and knowledge sharing enable staff to broaden their knowledge base and quickly get what they need to excel at their tasks and projects
  • Show off project experience and skills in individual staff profiles to better market staff for their actual interests and talents

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