Connected Shield

Connected Shield is a cybersecurity solution that utilises your employees as an additional layer of security. It constantly monitors for signs of attack in progress on employee devices, i.e. laptops and desktops, and asks employees to validate suspicious activity by direct notification, accelerating threat identification so you can respond faster.

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How we can help

Detect attacks in progress

Identify sophisticated hacker behaviours that escape traditional anti-virus and firewall screening

Become your own shield

Empower your employees to be part of your defence, and shorten the attack response cycle

Lightweight set up and management

Software as a service: minimal set up time, hosted and managed by PwC

How Connected Shield works?

Watch our video to understand how Connected Shield works.

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Product features

Device monitoring

Sits beside other software in the background on your device, i.e. Windows laptops and desktops, to constantly monitor and detect suspicious behaviour that might indicate a potential attack.

IT dashboard

Our dashboard provides your IT team complete visibility across all your registered devices in your organisation. You can view and manage all devices as well as to monitor and triage current and historical alerts.

User notification system

Our automated notification system can be configured to notify the relevant employee when a potential alert is triggered, helping to validate if a suspicious activity is a real threat

Device auto-containment

If an alert is triggered, Connected Shield can be optionally configured to auto-contain a potentially compromised device.

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