Reimagine Digital in a more disruptive world

29 Jan 2021

What is Reimagine Digital? For us, it means the collective impact of our people, culture and business model coming together in a tech-enabled world. Developing tools, solutions and products that will help, and add value for our clients, our people and also our communities in a broader ecosystem.

Becoming a distinctive digital organisation

Our goal is to be a distinctive digital organisation. This doesn’t mean that we want to be a technology company. What it does mean is making use of major digital trends like cloud, big data, AI and 5G to transform, and even disrupt, our traditional business model. We want to leverage world class tools and technology to help facilitate new digital ways of interacting with, and bringing value to our clients and each other.

Part of being a distinctive digital organisation means using our unique business and industry knowledge in the China market to bring our own portfolio of innovative and digital products and solutions alongside our traditional human-led services. I’m proud to say we already have a range of digital products across PwC. In fact, we’ve successfully licenced various products to our clients including our Digital Maker low code platform, and Connected Shield, a cloud-hosted application targeted at small-and-medium sized businesses.

Cultivating a culture of intrapreneurship

As I’ve said before, digital is about people. Technology is only part of the equation. Within PwC, we’re on a journey to cultivate a culture of intrapreneurship, creating an environment for our people to bring their ideas to life and try new things. Essentially, we’re asking our 20,000 people across PwC China to be innovative, creative and to Reimagine Digital.

To ensure our people get all the help they need, we’re providing them with a full suite of tools and knowhow to upskill themselves including digital cycles of experience or working on strategic digital projects.

Reimagine Digital in a more disruptive world

Much has changed, and many things may never be the same. But one constant is the power of technology and digital to help people and organisations adapt, reinvent and transform, particularly in a post-COVID world.

How are you Reimagining Digital?

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