Embrace the new normal with PwC China’s Digital Products

4 Aug 2020

Year 2020 has inevitably changed the rules of business success with the realities of the digital era, especially under the pandemic.

The sudden demand for remote working, virtual operations and digital business models has lit a fire under many businesses. Chinese companies are no exception.

In the last few months, we have been enjoying the fruits of the investment PwC China have made to digitalise ourselves. PwC China invested in both digitalising our business operations and in educating our staff to the new ways of working in order to take advantages of the digital era. As a result, we shifted thousands of staff to work at home over a single weekend with limited disruption when the pandemic hit.

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With social distancing bringing more digital closeness, the demand of new applications has been rapidly rising. Whilst some have taken this as a crisis for their business, others have realised that this is a tipping point and have taken the opportunity address the digital transformation challenge. These new applications are not just built to handle the pandemic, but to enable the digitalisation of their business. From adopting the cloud to enable remote access to powerful automation and analytics function that can increase efficiency and extract value from data that businesses already have, businesses have taken this as a push to step into the new digital era.

Software and technology solutions developed by professional services firms like PwC are a strong new option to answer the challenge of digital transformation. Technology Business Research found that:


“PwC placed considerably more emphasis on how it worked with clients’ C-Suite and line employees to identify and resolve key pain points and organisational issues, rather than leading with silverbullet technology solutions that addressed clients’ specific RFPs.”

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As a long-serving professional services provider, we understand how to build up a continuous digital setting among different aspects of an operation. The key to our process is our existing understanding of your industry practices and a continued aspiration to develop for our specific audiences and industries. Using this understanding and by talking to members of your community we identify key pain points and challenges. Thanks to this knowledge and analysis we can deliver a simple and cohesive solutions that can solve these problems in one fell swoop in a way that reduces barrier of entry for your business during the adoption of the technology and makes your business resilient to disruptions like this pandemic.

We also provide necessary training and resources to support your people’s digital transformation (including the “New world. New skills.” initiative). With the right culture and the right skills, you will then be able to fully realise the value of both you staff’s business acuity and digital savviness to best run a modern business in a digital era.

PwC’s Global Network in the United States and in Germany has started their own Digital Products initiatives earlier in the year; whilst in China, a rising star in mobile technologies, found itself in exploring the business opportunities to lead the workforce to work remotely during the quarantine period. PwC Hong Kong further complements PwC’s global digital transformation initiatives by developing and launching the Hong Kong Digital Store, our new home of Digital Products. It helps our local clients to embrace the new normal during the challenging times, combating the remote working and digitalisation challenges.

Keep your eye out of professional services firms like PwC China and on our digital products. The products might be your key to a quick and painless transformation journey thanks to our own practical experiences as a digitally transforming business and our detailed understanding of your exact problem and pain points. You wouldn’t find a jeweller to tailor your suit, why would you find someone who doesn’t understand your industry to transform your business?


“We work with our clients and PwC colleagues worldwide and across the breadth of our Firm to consider the right problems for tomorrow’s solutions by uniting viewpoints so that everyone focuses on a single purpose and outcome - something that isn’t possible when viewed through only one lens.”

Further read: TBR Special Report “Profound change, built slowly, culminating now – PwC’s Digital journey”